Transcript Episode 3: A Princess Story

(This is the transcript of a Travel Tape podcast. To listen to the show click here.)

Today's show has a simple frame.

In the summer of 2014, my wife and I took a trip to eastern Tibet, down near the border with Sichuan Province. This is a hybrid zone, like many border regions, and we found that the key to understanding it, or at least opening the doors to beginning to understand it, was to answer 2 questions:
Why was a Chinese princess worshiped here in Tibet?
And why had a Buddhist monastery been built over the grave of her illegitimate child?

Travel Tape Episode Five: When We Love Another Land

If you fell in love with a new country and thought you might want to become a citizen, just how much would you sacrifice to make that a reality? In 1989, TC Lin (born TC Locke), a freshman in the US, went to Taiwan on an exchange program and felt such an affinity with the people and culture that he decided this is where he belonged. After finishing his studies, he moved to Taiwan, became a citizen, and then waited for the day he would be called up to do two years of military service like every other male in the country.

Travel Tape Episode Four: Fables & Follies, Campfire Tales From Kenya

Everywhere in the world, people enjoy sharing stories about their encounters with wild animals. In this episode of Travel Tape, Kenyans Josphat Mako and Kyle Ray, Tanzanian Lenganasa Tombo, and UK-born guidebook writer Stuart Butler swap fables, legends, and true tales that include being lunged at by an 18-foot (6m) python, chased by a rampaging elephant, and losing out on an interview with a king because he had turned into a bird. For fans of history there's also some speculation on whether the great fabulist Aesop was himself an African.

Transcript Episode 1: Walking With The Maasai, Part 1

(This is the transcript of a Travel Tape podcast. To listen to the show click here.)

Sound: heavy static

Right now I am in a tented camp. Is it better with the video on or off? Seems to be pretty good internet here. Considering where I am. Heh heh.

That’s Stuart Butler and where he was, to be exact, was Cotters 1920 Lodge, in Kenya.

It was June, 2015, and he was 8 days into a 5 week walk across Maasai country with his friend and guide Josphat Mako.

It was a walk that, for Stuart anyway, was a long time in coming.

Travel Tape: an introduction

After more than a year of preparation, Travel Tape has its own RSS feed, and has been approved for the iTunes store. Indexing (which will make the show searchable) is coming in the next few days.

What is TRAVEL TAPE? It's a podcast, a deeply researched and finely crafted audio show, on what I call "stories from the other side, of the travel guide."