Travel Tape: an introduction

After more than a year of preparation, Travel Tape has its own RSS feed, and has been approved for the iTunes store. Indexing (which will make the show searchable) is coming in the next few days.

What is TRAVEL TAPE? It's a podcast, a deeply researched and finely crafted audio show, on what I call "stories from the other side, of the travel guide." This isn't about Top Ten lists, or reviews of places to go, things to do, gear to buy, or apps that can help you become the ultimate traveller.

Those are all useful and important things to cover but what interests me for my own show are the histories, tales, legends, interviews, and curiosities one collects over a lifetime on the road. And not just what I have collected. I'll be working closely with my fellow guidebook writers, and other travel journalists, on their stories, too.

Here's just a teaser of what to expect: a walk with the Maasai; an journalistic exploration of the very little known Korean prefecture in China; a history of freediving; and the legend of a Chinese princess whose illegitimate child founded a reincarnation lineage of lamas in eastern Tibet. 

So stick around. This is Travel Tape.