Travel Tape Episode 1: Walking With The Maasai, Part One

In the summer of 2015, photographer and travel guidebook writer (Lonely Planet, Rough Guide) Stuart Butler took a five-week walk across Massai (Maasai) country in southern Kenya. His goal: explore new models of conservation, evolving attitudes towards wildlife, and gather the best stories about the changing life of the Massai.


  • an introduction to the Maasai Mara National Reserve and the scope of the walk
  • richly textured recordings made on the ground including nightfall in the bush and a chorus of insects
  • Stuart's real-time thoughts as he and Mako walk past a farm and meet an old Maasai man who has an unexpected connection to Mako
  • an unexpected meeting with a dung beetle pushing a ball of dung
  • a 10-minute interview with a former poacher about life in the bush and his rehabilitation
  • what first time visitors to East Africa usually don't understand

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| Credits |

Stuart Butler did all the live recordings in Kenya and generously provided them to me for editing and processing to make this podcast. While we were both Lonely Planet authors at the time of his walk, we had never met and Stuart took a big chance entrusting such material with an unknown podcaster. He also provided me with use of his absolutely gorgeous pictures from the walk. I cannot thank him enough for such largess.

All writing, as well as audio editing and mixing for this podcast was done by me, Robert Kelly.


"And She Swung" - Moshang
"Bumba Crossing" - Kevin Macleod
"Maasai Traditional Chant" - Josphat Mako
"RMI Theme" - LaFam & Orono
"Baited" - Electrocado