Travel Tape Episode 2: The Korean Corner Of China (The Borderlands Series)

War, migration, annexation, and pure happenstance have turned many border regions into hybrid zones where people who identify with one country can find themselves citizens of another.

In the opener of this multi-part series, journalist David Eimer and I talk about a Korean enclave, on the border with North Korea, but within China. What's the history behind the 2 million ethnic Koreans living as citizens of the PRC (People's Republic of China), why are they turning to Christianity in alarming (for Beijing) numbers, and just why did North Korean leader Kim Il-sung have to relearn to speak Korean as an adult? Travel Tape tells.

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David Eimer and I had two conversations during the making of this podcast which supplied the raw material for the show. In addition to reading his book, and my own memories of time in Yanbian, I studied the spread of Christianity in China and Korea, trade and security between China and the DPRK (which includes a healthy amount of black market trade), and learned as much as I could about ethnic minorities in China, and especially government policy with respect to assimilation and development. Much of this latter research will come out more in Episode Two. All the writing for this show, as well as all the audio editing and mixing, was done by me, Robert Kelly.

The Emperor Far Away: Travels At The Edge Of China by David Eimer

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