I lived in Taiwan for 17 years. In many ways it's an ideal spot to work as a freelancer: living costs are low, and topics are world class, yet almost unknown. There's always something to cover on hiking and cycling, temple art and folk culture, landscapes and geology (it's the landslide capital of the world!), to politics and sociology (how can  a writer resist the allure of a country with the freest society in Asia, but that is also coveted by a very un-free giant next door). 

I have been coordinating author of the guide for 10 years and have shaped its entire direction. When I took over, Taiwan was considered a "Little China" a nonsense bit of propaganda that had long outlived its usefullness, let alone accuracy. In the 2013 edition, I completed the transformation: Taiwan was now Taiwan, a nation of immigrants whose cultural mix (of southern Chinese, Japanese, aboriginal, and western influences), unique history, and diverse landscape has given it a "continent-sized travel list on one compact island." 

If you like hiking or cycling there is an entire chapter devoted to those pursuits, and dozens of detailed individual entries researched entirely on the ground by me. If you prefer cultural pursuits I penned a one-of-its-kind chapter on temple arts & architecture, and another on religious culture. Both chapters reflect ten years of deep reading, myriad interviews, and personal observations at hundreds of temples and festivals across the country.

Currently I am working on a documentary and podcast series for the Tainan government on traditional temple culture.